Irna Landrum is a child of the bayou and a great lover of the Mississippi River. She is an essayist, campaign writer, and world class emoter with a ravenous curiosity about why humans love and hate the way we do. In 2016 she shifted to netroots organizing after over a decade of grassroots neighborhoods-based work. She is exploring the vast potential of technology to connect and mobilize activists who are creating the worlds they want to live in. A black queer woman and recovering evangelical raised in the reddest of states, her work dissects intersecting identities and politics. Irna is a 2010 Intermedia Arts Creative Community Leadership Institute fellow, a 2015 Givens Foundation for African American Literature Emerging Writers fellow, a 2016 Kairos Fellow for digital organizers of color, and a 2017 Voices of our Nations Arts regional writer. You can usually find her writing on her front porch or bicycling around the Minneapolis somewhere.